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Worshipping in a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We are being suffocated by lies, deceit, political incompetency and spiritual hypocrisy. We are being drained by the effort that it takes to stave off cynicism, depression and crippling anger. Silly arguments and serious protests are demanding our attention and making it difficult to focus on what divides us instead of what unites us.

Life continues in the giving and taking of death. Our heroes and heroines both nationally and personally transitioning to the realms of our memories without the comfort of being able to participate in the ancient rituals of respect and care that they so rightfully deserve.

Therefore, weekly we gather in different spaces and places to inhale the stories of truth, the testimonies of the courageous and breath in the Spirit of a loving and living God.

In the repetition of worship, we seek to exhale the relief of praise. Sing out in faith and declare the unbowed hope of our spirit.

We pray, God, fill the virtual and real rooms of our worship with the buoyancy and expanse of your presence. Let us breathe deeply and renew the oxygen of our faith and the energy of our ministries and movement for justice, peace, and hope in our homes, neighborhoods, nations, and world.

Let us breathe deeply and intentionally in prayer and meditation. Let us raise our hands in hope and declare we shall overcome this day and create a new tomorrow for us all.

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