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Hope and the Breath of God

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

This is an excerpt from a book of short mediations that I am currently writing. -Floyd Thompkins

Edited by T. Lai

Hope peeks out from behind our assumptions and lived experiences to remind us that our tomorrows do not have to be determined by our yesterdays. The truth of the matter is that evil and hatred have an easier task than those of us who work for justice and peace in the world. They appeal to irrational passions, fear, and hurt. Evil bends a dark narrative around the light of any event until it seems sinister and conspiratorial. Evil sows distrust. It is not tethered to reality and facts. All of this would be very discouraging but, that evil, most of the time, loses. Humanity finds a way to rise above itself.

Compromise and cooperation do eventually emerge from historical harms and social inequalities. Perseverance, consistency, and constant building of relationships, education, and mobilizing people do move people forward. Indeed, as has been quoted by many advocates of justice and peace, it is a well-worn axiom “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

This optimism and hope do not flow from news reports and sane assessments of the struggle. Justice, love, and hope are not the creation of humanity. They are bigger than us. They are not internal forces. These are the winds that move our struggle and animate our commitment.

When you become frustrated and fixated upon the narrative of the success of evil, pause and consider the impossibility of love, the stubbornness of hope, and the power of faith. Ponder anew your experiences with these forces. Feel the strength flowing from their presence into our lives. Don’t be afraid of being inexplicably optimistic about the task before you. Rely upon a power greater than you can control and do not necessarily understand. The power of our humanity lies in our ability to not only think but also believe. We must stop. Breathe out and breathe in. Raise the sails of your thoughts and emotions. Draw upon the resources of empathy, faith, and spirituality. Feel the winds of change that are independent of your actions or intentions. Sweeping over the landscape of your world and lives is the wind of the spirit of life and love - that is the breath of God!

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