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Worship on the 4th of July

With the sound of fireworks in the background, the smell of barbecue filling the atmosphere, and the relief of vacations looming in our immediate futures we pause to worship you, oh God, and give you thanks.

We raise our hands and voices in worship to pledge allegiance to the work of the cross, the hope of the resurrection, and the move of the Holy Spirit.

May our worship make us bold and courageous in living out your desire for us that we seek justice, be loving, and walk humbly in our faith.

Come Holy Spirit in our worship experience and send the refining fires of humility and truth. Make us proficient in all the tongues of every nation so that we can share the responsibility of all human beings to work together in the common effort to create and maintain a healthy earth and to peacefully coexist with all people.

We don’t want a rally of self agrandizing chest thumping about what we have done. We seek a gathering of grateful worshippers in awe of God’s faithfulness. We are indebted to the grace of God and the sacrifice of others.

Let our celebration of the USA be a confession, a prayer, and a proclaimation. We should have done better. We are still not at our best. We dedicate ourselves, as citizens in the beloved community, to the work of building a shared future in which all people can equally enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Come let us worship the God of our hope and our salvation!

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